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In the second issue of our magazine, Coem illustrates the very latest in ideas for your outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a garden, portico, terrace, balcony or patio area in mind, take a look through our magazine: you’ll find an array of ideas and effects from Coem to transform and embellish your outdoor areas, […]

SICURA: antibacterial by Coem

SICURA by Coem is a range of products that offer new antibacterial protection applied to surfaces, revolutionizing the concept of cleanliness and hygiene to help us enjoy our living spaces to the full. The main feature of the ANTIBACTERIAL technology adopted by the SICURA line is the use of a special biocidal additive based on […]


Research never stops here at Coem. Coherence, substance and material quality are the key concepts that characterise the new surfaces by Coem, presented at Cersaie 2021 together with the new technological developments. We presented SICURA, the new range of Coem products created with a new antibacterial technology integrated into the ceramic surfaces that revolutionises the […]


Tuffeau is a perfect subject matter to be replicated in Coem’s porcelain stoneware. It brings out the unique aspects of this stone, reflecting history in the rooms where it is used. This collection is available in three colours: Bianco, where Tuffeau is pure light that floods the rooms; Dorato, whose amber shades create a more […]

FLASH SPRING 2021 collection – BALI

BALI is the latest addition to the Coem porcelain stoneware collections. Its striking, uneven graphics offer a fresh take on an Indonesian slate with a dense material appeal. With its colour contrasts ranging from white and yellow to red, brown and grey, BALI contains all the Earth’s most intense colours: from burning sand to the […]


In the first issue of our magazine, you’ll find some invaluable advice on how to bring a personal touch to your outdoor areas. As soon as temperatures climb above 20 degrees, there’s one thing we all look forward to: finding a little table in the sun – or beneath the stars – to enjoy a […]