Published on: 20/04/2022

Coem’s commitment to environmental issues has not gone unnoticed.
The Coem case history was discussed during the webinar “Instruments for managing climate change mitigation and adaptation: a toolbox for SMEs”, held online on 14 April starting at 4.00 p.m.
The webinar is part of a programme aimed at businesses in the Emilia Romagna region on “climate change mitigation and adaptation”, organised by the Climate Change Forum of the Emilia Romagna Region together with ART-ER – Attrattività Ricerca Territorio, a Consortium Company of Emilia Romagna established to promote the sustainable growth of the region through the development of innovation and knowledge and the attractiveness and internationalisation of the territorial system.
The issue is of crucial importance: climate change #mitigation is supported by actions able to reduce the causes of global warming, while the aim of climate change adaptation is to adapt human and natural systems to the current and expected climate change, in order to limit its negative impacts and make the best of the benefits it offers.