COEM, the brand of excellence in the production of Porcelain Stoneware tiles, has always made its mark for its innovation and attention to its customers. With this in mind, the aim to maintain constant dialogue with our audience has led us to strengthen our presence in the most important social networks, which are so fundamental today, to ensure constant and meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders.


This is the reason that drove us to develop and manage a set of multipurpose, integrated platforms addressing our customers, working partners, and anyone with an interest in our activities and the ceramics market generally.


The COEM web 2.0 communication structure covers several channel


FACEBOOK is our space dedicated to communicating the most important news concerning our product developments, divulging the trends and fashions in indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiling. But there’s more: Facebook is the place where we inform our audiences on our events, it is the space where our many fans follow us even just to express their opinion or comment on our products and our work.


YOUTUBE, on the other hand, is the channel dedicated to technical areas of our product lines, it is a multi-sensorial showcase for our events, a space where we interview and provoke our opinion leaders, “listening to their voice” and offering the chance to associate a “recognisable face” to their technicisms.


LINKEDIN is the place dedicated to our Business interlocutors, the platform we use to allow our staff and our technicians dialogue and exchange information with colleagues and potential work partners.


TWITTER is our preferential channel for communication “in very real time”, with contents targeting retailers, sales staff and the whole sales network that has worked to make COEM what it is today.


GOOGLE+ is the social network that allows us to “group together”, “choose” and “select” our audiences according to their interests and the specific relationship they enjoy with COEM. We like to call them “Common interest groups”, and dedicate targeted communication to them.


Last but not least is PINTEREST,


which through its ability to enhance photographic contents has become the “talking mirror” of our soul, where you can not only see our collections but also fully understand what we like and what inspires us, and therefore through the Pinboards you can fully appreciate our Mission and our Vision.


In short, 6 good reasons for talking about us, on your favourite channel.


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