Research never stops here at Coem. Coherence, substance and material quality are the key concepts that characterise the new surfaces by Coem, presented at Cersaie 2021 together with the new technological developments.
We presented SICURA, the new range of Coem products created with a new antibacterial technology integrated into the ceramic surfaces that revolutionises the concept of cleaning and hygiene, helping us to enjoy our living spaces better.
We presented the innovative Unglazed MATERIA PURA: a full-body porcelain stoneware with a matt surface, made with natural clays crossed through with small, compact slivers in a different colour, characterised by the total absence of glazes/digital graphics, as well as greater slip, abrasion and impact resistance.
Coem’s close attention to the environment and sustainability has led to the introduction of new 9 mm THICK collections, with the aim of reducing environmental impact by optimising consumption and increasing load capacity during transport (by about 10% compared to 10 mm products), maintaining unaltered the excellent mechanical performance and durability compared to the 10 mm tiles.
We have also extended our range of 6mm-thick WIDEgres slabs, with new 120×280 collections.
So come and explore all the new developments from Coem @Cersaie2021.