COEM “yes we inspire” @Cersaie23

Published on: 10/10/2023

The 40th edition of Cersaie welcomed nearly 100,000 visitors, including over 47,000 international attendees. Once again, Coem stood out as a leading ceramic exhibitor, showcasing its latest products, ready for distribution. They attracted much admiration and interest from the numerous professionals and designers who visited the beautiful stand, designed once again by the creative mind of Alessandro Pasinelli Studio.
Speaking of Alessandro Pasinelli, he designed the Moiré collection featuring 120x280cm slabs with a thickness of 6mm and distinctive marbled-effect graphics that certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The laying of these tiles in the Lounge&Reception area highlighted the visual impact of Moiré, which is ideal for large surfaces. The installation is made easier by the succession of a single “seamless” pattern.
The brand-new “R11 Soft&Safe” finish for Exteriors was very well received. This finish offers a surface that is easy to clean, slip resistant and soft to the touch, and was incorporated into some of Coem’s stone-effect collections, namely Versatile, Sinai and Gascogne. These three collections boast a bold character and inviting warm tones.
Crystal completes the roundup of new collections. Coem recaptures the elegance, luminosity and vibrancy of Tiffany quartzite, one of nature’s purest and rarest materials. It recreates the precious allure of this material on three porcelain stoneware surfaces, capable of enriching any space.
Last but not least, Coem introduces the new 6mm-thick tiles which expands the WIDEgres280 collection. This addition provides interior designers and architects with new design possibilities, courtesy of the unique Moiré, Versatile Stone, Sinai, Touch Stone, Touch Stone Vein and Onice Effect.