On 12 and 13 April, the Newform showroom in Milan will be hosting a distinctive installation focusing on Wellness and offering an appealing, symbolic interpretation of different yet complementary materials and products. “A filo d’acqua” (At the Water’s Edge) is the name of the project, in which sanitary fittings and ceramic surfaces inspired by the shifting nature of stone engage with one another through a smooth, original design that embodies the age-old combination of water and earth. A fresh, contemporary take on the theme is offered by Ceramiche Coem/ Fioranese and Newform, companies recognised worldwide for their stylish, premium-quality porcelain stoneware surfaces and sanitary fittings.


Organised as a backdrop to the installation on Wednesday 13 April at 7.00 p.m. is an encounter with the architect Alberto Apostoli (Studio Alberto Apostoli Architecture&Design) on the theme “Wellness: Water&Ceramic Design”: an opportunity to contextualise what Ceramiche Coem / Fioranese and Newform have to offer in the modern design of wellness facilities seeking to provide a thrilling, natural experience. Alberto Apostoli is renowned worldwide as a benchmark figure for research, development and analysis of trends in the designing of spas, wellness centres and wellness products.


12/13 April
6.00 p.m./10.00 p.m.


13 April
7.00 p.m.
Wellness: Water & Ceramic Design
Encounter with the architect Alberto Apostoli


Followed by a Cocktail Reception-Dinner


Address: Newform Showroom, Milan
Via Fiori Oscuri, 3 – 20121 Milan
Tel. 39 0163452011