Everything that sets us apart

History and values

A project that embraces contemporary living in all its form
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Quality and environment

Nature is an inexhaustible source of appeal and models to follow
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Innovation and technology

Aesthetic perfection guides the on-going pursuit of quality
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Italian Style

The unique appeal of a tradition that teams skill with beauty
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Our commitment to the community
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Our collections

Coem’s collections embody the combination of beauty, design and nature, in a perfect equilibrium achieved through what has always been a deliberate and thought-out approach. Our constant commitment, supported by continuous technological research, has enabled us to improve and to develop a “sustainable” porcelain stoneware, made with natural materials and with the partial use of recycled materials. Coem stoneware is a unique material, characterised by sophisticated design and a high technological content. We are inspired by nature, by the materiality of its textures, by the endless variety of its colours, developing surfaces for the world of architecture and public and private construction that reflect the beauty of nature. We aim to protect the environment in which we live with passion and intelligence, and with the “know-how” particular to our 100% Italian ceramic tradition.
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