Design Week, unscheduled: BALI collection by Coem

Published on: 06/06/2022

Coinciding with Milan Design Week, we’ve decided to add a new Light Green colour to the BALI collection.
The name of this collection recalls a dream of an island, a refuge to escape from the chaos of everyday life.
For many of us, BALI is the very essence of what we call exotic: wild, natural, far from the frantic pace of life, warm and fragrant, a paradise beyond our reach.
Porcelain stoneware with material colours and a distinctive, irregular texture: the BALI collection by Coem turns our living spaces into a peaceful, naturally alluring oasis.
And now, with the LIGHT GREEN colour, the collection boasts all the hues of Nature.
You’ll be charmed by the delightfully natural appearance and the enchanting reflections Bali is able to bring to interiors, outdoor areas and swimming pools.


Discover the new Light Green colour in the BALI collection:



Discover the new Light Green colour in the BALI collection