BALI is the latest addition to the Coem porcelain stoneware collections. Its striking, uneven graphics offer a fresh take on an Indonesian slate with a dense material appeal.

With its colour contrasts ranging from white and yellow to red, brown and grey, BALI contains all the Earth’s most intense colours: from burning sand to the blackest lava stone.
Tones of exceptional beauty create a splendidly natural look that restores harmony between Man and the environment.
BALI is ideal for use in swimming pools and outdoors: because these are its main, specific uses, it is available with an “antislip A+B” surface, in addition to the regular indoor version.

The brilliant crystal-clear effect is particularly exceptional when Bali is used for the bottom of swimming pools, creating soft, deep reflections of turquoise, green and blue that recall the elegant, exotic atmospheres of the world’s most beautiful islands.


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