Lighting fragments and vivid colors for a different stone

Suitable for: Indoors – Outdoors - Pools

10 colours

9 sizes

3 surfaces

The name Porphyry comes from the ancient Greek meaning purple, a colour frequently found in this type of rocks, along with red, brown and grey. It is this rock that has inspired the Porfirica collection. Porphyry is a magmatic material formed by the cooling of lava flows. It has an extremely variegated, complex composition, on which is created a “porphyritic” (porfirica in Italian) structure that also comprises minerals and crystalline elements. This particular characteristic is featured in 2 patterns: a fine-grain version inspired by the original stone and a coarser-grain agglomerate. The stone-effect porcelain stoneware by Coem restores prestige and value to this stone, thanks to three surface finishes: unpolished, half-polished and outdoor, with 5 intense colours and two textures that allow for creative compositions on floors and walls.

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