New look for the Coem premises in Fiorano

Published on: 13/01/2023

A new look for the Coem premises in Fiorano. 2022 saw the completion of a series of structural works, culminating in new external façade coverings using Coem ceramic slabs.
This restoration work did not regard appearance alone, however, and the technical characteristics of these new 100% ventilated façades also offer insulation for the interiors. The structural system used involved gluing the 6mm-thick WIDEgres slabs to the surface, with a mineral wool cavity that guarantees resistance to thermal shock. The dark concrete-look pattern on the ceramic slabs is designed to remain unaltered over time.
The video shows a number of phases of the restructuring work, as well as an interview with the design engineer, the architect Luigi Romanelli, who reveals a number of interesting technical details.

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