The new Zuidplein theatre, also known as Kunstenpand, was completed on 6 May 2020. Part of an ambitious development plan, the Zuidplein theatre hosts an entrance hall, two auditoriums, a café-restaurant and a part of Rotterdam library.
Designed by De Zwarte Hond in collaboration with BURO M2R, the interiors complement the architecture perfectly. The large lobby is the heart of the building, where each function is directly or indirectly connected to it, and where there’s always something to do or to discover.
The floor of the huge entrance hall, the reception and the bathrooms are all tiled with the REVERSO stone effect porcelain stoneware collection by Coem: Reverso Noce and Beige 45×90 to create a wavy pattern on the striking floor of the hall, and Reverso Beige in the 30×60 and 60×120 sizes in the other areas.
The inauguration of the theatre is expected to take place in September 2020.

Project designers: De Zwarte Hond & M2R
Photo: Scagliola Brakkee
Retailer: Michel Oprey & Beisterveld

Collection used:
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