International Hospitality Exhibition – Rimini – from 26 to 29 November 2011.


Studio Bizzarro designs DIVINA: pampering guests as time stands still.


The added value of a suite for couples in a contemporary resort lies in its ability to thrill the guest, making their stay truly special and unique.
Each corner of the resort must be designed to pamper mind and body, in an environment that is pleasantly spacious, equipped with a full range of comforts, views that open out towards both the exterior and the interior, with soft, warm lighting, gentle music and the fragrance of wood and fresh, natural scents designed to create an appealing sensation of wellness.
The fireplace becomes a focal point of the suite, and Studio Bizzarro & Partners of Ravenna has chosen Ceramiche Coem’s Pietra Vicentina series, with the unusual fossil shells set into it, to tile the outside walls. Once again this year at Sia Guest 2011, the unique features of Ceramiche Coem have found a significant space in which to express an original idea. Coem thanks Studio Bizzarro for being kind enough to mention them.