SICURA by Coem is a range of products that offer new antibacterial protection applied to surfaces, revolutionizing the concept of cleanliness and hygiene to help us enjoy our living spaces to the full.
The main feature of the ANTIBACTERIAL technology adopted by the SICURA line is the use of a special biocidal additive based on silver ions, integrated into the production process, which provides ceramic surfaces with a 24-hour antibacterial action, able to inhibit the spread of bacteria by up to 99.9%. These silver ion-based additives are also effective against the formation of unpleasant odours due to bacterial growth.
Coem’s philosophy follows the evolution of contemporary living: today, more than ever, people feel the need to live in clean, safe environments; hygiene is becoming increasingly important and has taken on an essential role we can no longer do without.
With this in mind, Coem is redefining the idea of responsible living, in which wellbeing comes first. Choosing a product from the SICURA range, combined with proper maintenance, helps to improve levels of cleanliness and in-depth hygiene for surfaces, without altering their aesthetic and technical quality.


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