Published on: 20/09/2011

The Ceramiche Coem stand at Cersaie 2011 combines sustainability with a high design content, to create a stand in which an apparently “poor” and recyclable material like cardboard dialogues with ceramics producers, defining an attractive, futuristic, light and transformable space.
It is the tangible expression of a thought that underlines the “light” side of our collections.
A lightness of a certain weight, born from the ideas of the designer which find strength in the material used: honeycomb cardboard, agile and resistant, lean and manageable, zero environmental impact, in combination with chip wood elements and light puffs of rice paper.
On one hand, essential, functional rigour, a vision of the whole which focuses not on the single product but rather on the overall idea of the company and its brands, with a special sensitivity for space, proportions, relations, light.
On the other hand, the interpretation of an unusual material with a clear aesthetic connotation and the profound meaning of its clearly ecological spirit.
The communication underlines the thought of the company, expressing an iconographic synthesis which captures its values and principles.