HOMI, the international lifestyle trade fair, on at Fiera Milan from 15 to 18 September 2017, defines new lifestyle scenarios and underlines the innovative vocation of key businesses. Narrating the lifestyles of multicultural users and with an eye for personal wellbeing and the surrounding environment, in its dynamic, flowing journey, is part of the HOMI world and that of those who shares its objectives.
The POLI.design research team is developing a Materials Library collecting the latest trends in the Interior Design materials and finishings world, as an expression of the innovation and research processes in the private and collective interior design materials sector.
The whole collection will be on show at HOMI, in the exhibition set up in the “Materials Lounge” area (www.homimilano.com).
The team’s choice fell on the COEM ranges Kanvas and Patchwork.
Our special thanks to the POLI.design Team and particularly to the architect Fabio Daglio for the attention shown to our collections.